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FIXME - This page is just a quick implementation. I would like this page to be redone to include information about each channel, and even someway to generate stats like the Mailing Lists page has. So if you can do better, please do. Thanks! =)


Internet Relay Chat is a protocol for communication, which presents a fast, simple and good possibility to communicate to others. You may read the Wikipedia IRC article for further information about IRC.

There are several IRC Channels that are part of the LiteStep community.

#litestep - General LiteStep discussion and support
#litestep.de - German LiteStep channel
#lsdev - LiteStep Core and Module Development discussion


There are several stand-alone IRC Clients for various platforms. Most Instant Messenger programs have an IRC plugin available. Otherwise if you are using a Mozilla based browser, you can install Chatzilla, and join by clicking#lsdev.

Registering your Nick

While using the Freenode IRC servers it is beneficial to register your user name (nick), so nobody else can use it.

Channel Rules

  • Be patient, users might not answer right away because they may be busy.
  • When talking about code use a pastebin instead of posting huge chunks of code.
  • If your problem got solved on IRC, please follow up with anyone else you have asked the question of. If you posted about it on the Mailing Lists, follow it up with a description of the solution.
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