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Development Environment

[Free compilers, updates, addins]

  • Code::Blocks - The open source, cross platform Free C++ IDE.
  • Dev-C++ - An open source IDE for C/C++ development. MinGW package (compiler and w32api headers) included.
  • STL Error Decryptor - Must-have for C++ coders using the STL. Simplifies STL-related error messages. Supports most popular compilers.
  • Whole Tomato Software - Home of Visual Assist, an extremely nice and useful Visual Studio addin. Better syntax coloring, auto completion, …
  • WndTabs - Must-have addin for users of Visual Studio 6. It's like tabbed browsing but with .cpp or .h files.
  • boost.org - Provides free, portable C++ source libraries, including a complete regex library.

Misc Resources

[Miscellaneous Developer Links]

  • MSDN Library - No introduction needed. Official Windows API documentation, plus numerous samples and articles.
  • STL Programmer's Guide - Comprehensive documentation of the Standard Template Library. Very dry but has yet to be beaten in terms of completeness.
  • CodeProject - Huge Windows coding site, focussing primarily on Visual Studio. Thousands of articles and code samples.

Tutorials, FAQs

[Introductory C++/Windows Coding Resources]

  • C++ FAQ Lite - Answers to a wide range of common and not so common C++ questions.
  • Guide to C/Win32 Strings - By Micheal Dunn. A great guide to the different string types (such as char, wchar_t, or TCHAR) and the respective string manipulation functions.
  • #winprog Home - Besides serving as the home of the EFnet #winprog IRC channel, this site also hosts a very nice Windows API tutorial for beginners. A few book reviews and recommendations in a separate section.
  • C++ Notes - A lot of basic introductions to C++ techniques.
  • catch22.co.uk programming tutorials - Various tutorials covering Windows programming topics, most for customizing a user interface


[Interesting Coding Articles]

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