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This page tracks significant areas of development and information relative to The LiteStep Development Team.

Wiki Pages

Frontpage - The Front page on lsdev.org has the following requirements

  • Display clear description of LiteStep and LSDev
  • Clearly display download resources
  • Clearly display support resources
  • Clearly display development resources
  • Have latest news summary
  • Have latest progress reports

LSDev Portal - The LSDev Team Portal (this page) has the following requirements

  • Display summary of page purpose
  • Display important lsdev.org resources and topics, and explain their purpose. (ie. this list)
  • Display latest cvs and bug tracker changes.

FIXME - this is a work in progress…



FIXME List resources, tutorials etc.

Recent Developments

Latest Commits

Latest Issues…

  • 0000120: Field Service Management
    Field Service Management has a crucial role in maintaining telecommunication systems as they are responsible for planning, installing, testing, and maintaining the equipment to run a proper communication network. Their general duties include the maintenance and repair of equipment and construction of towers to ensure optimal performance. A telecom engineer’s job involves the use of various tools such as interconnect devices, network facilities, and radios. A field engineer also works with engineers from other fields for equipment installation and then report to the upper management. https://www.fieldengineer.com/blogs/keys-success-freelance-technician [^]
  • 0000042: LiteStep 0.25.0 - Release
    This is a parent issue for all the issues that need to be fixed for 0.25.0.
  • 0000064: Recent Documents is broken
    The special folder "Recent Documents" is not updated any more when LiteStep is the shell.
  • 0000117: The core should maintain ITaskbarList data
    Some applications will make calls to one of the ITaskbarList interfaces in order to add overlay icons, hide/show windows, and etc.; We currently lose all these settings on a recycle, since the task models do not maintain them. As these are settings which could potentially be used by multiple modules, the core should maintain them, and resend the commands after recycling.
  • 0000118: Storing per-monitor wallpaper settings, and slideshows
    While it is up to the desktop module to render the wallpaper in Windows 8, it is the cores job to store the information about how to render the wallpaper. Currently, we correctly set register keys for which wallpaper image to use, and which style/tiling mode should be used when applications interact with the IDesktopBackground interface. However, we do not do anything when the user tries to set a particular wallpaper for a particular monitor, or when the user specifies a slideshow. We need to store this information somewhere.
  • 0000108: ShDocVw.ShellWindows / CreateObject("Shell.Application").Windows does not work
    It is not possible to retrieve the list of windows from the shell using ShDocVw.ShellWindows or CreateObject("Shell.Application").Windows http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb774094%28VS.85%29.aspx [^]
  • 0000039: Shortcuts to 64-bit progams broken when running in WOW64
    On 64-bit Windows there are both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries for some programs like IE, Media Player, or Calculator, in "Program Files (x86)" and "Program Files", respectively. A 32-bit Litestep cannot currently invoke shortcuts to the 64-bit versions because ShellExecuteEx appears to read out FOLDERID_ProgramFiles from the .lnk, which resolves to "Program Files (x86)" for 32-bit processes. Thus the 32-bit versions are launched. Note that if only a 64-bit version exists it is launched all the same.
  • 0000111: LSSetAsShell causes file manager windows not to refresh their contents.
    This is possibly due to LSSetAsShell breaking SHChangeNotify.
  • 0000060: Open Containing Folder in Search does nothing
    In explorers search results view, choosing "Open Containing Folder" from the context menu while running LS does nothing. Launching the file, and viewing the actual folder path works as it should.
  • 0000077: Folder Options cannot be opened from Control Panel
    The control panel item "Folder Options" is broken when LiteStep is running. Clicking it has no effect.
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